SCHWINN Exercycles

When you buy a Schwinn® Exercise Bike you aren't just buying a piece of home fitness equipment. You're buying an American icon at the forefront of advances in fitness technology and an indispensable player in revolutionising bicycling and fitness around the world.

The beauty of a Schwinn exercycle is how versatile it is. It offers a smooth, low impact cardio workout that strengthens your muscles and burns calories without stressing your joints.

These exercyles are packed with innovative features like built in programs: Interval, Target, Heart Rate Level, Fat Burn, Aerobic and Anaerobic Training; heart rate telemetry, ergonomic grips and more.

And when you're finished training, you can simply wheel your exercycle out of the way until your next workout. Simple storage and no clutter.

Our highly competitive pricing is backed by our Elite Fitness price guarantee, ensuring you will not find a better-priced product with better technology, better functionality or better warranty in the market today.

We offer very flexible payment options, so once we have assisted you in choosing the right exercise bike for your requirements, we will ensure that it won’t break the bank.

That’s the Elite Fitness difference.