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The Tunturi Starter Yoga Kit is ideal for anybody looking to start out or get into yoga, the two yoga blocks and the strap will help you gradually improve your stretching and flexibility over time, without putting too much strain on your body straight away whilst a thick slip resistant mat is provided for you to stretch and exercise on in comfort.



  • Helps to lose weight 
  • Tones the body, increases strength and improves muscle flex
  • Ideal for all fitness and experience levels
  • Blocks help to add extra height 
  • Strap assists in posture alterations for improved flexibility 


  • 3mm premium high quality anti-slip yoga mat 
  • 2 solid foam yoga blocks
  • Yoga strap for stretching & flexibility exercises 
  • Ideal for anybody looking to start out or get into yoga
  • User friendly & portable 


  • 3mm Premium High Quality Anti-Slip Yoga Mat 
  • 2 Solid Foam Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Strap for Stretching & Flexibility Exercises 
  • Ideal for Anybody Looking to Start Out or Get into Yoga
  • User Friendly & Portable 

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