Swiss Balls

The swiss ball, also known as a balance ball or exercise ball is a versatile tool for training and recovery and helps you improve your balance and stability. Your body will engage many more muscles to keep you balanced on the ball's softer surface than it otherwise would on a flat surface. A swiss ball can be incorporated into many exercises and the benefits of using a swiss ball can include improved posture, reduced back pain and stronger core muscles. Whether for home or commercial use, we stock swiss balls from Adidas, Go Fit, and our own brand Xtreme Elite.

What size swiss ball do i need?

The most common swiss balls sizes are small, medium and large; 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm respectively. The correct size will depend on your height, and intended exercises. There following can be used as a guideline:

55cm Swiss ball: 155cm - 170cm

65cm Swiss ball: 171cm - 188cm

75cm Swiss ball: 188cm+