The 36" PE Black Foam Roller is an ideal way to get a full body massage in the convenience of you own home, roll away tight spots and aid in muscle recovery. Used as a tool s a substitute for the hands, elbows and forearms, every foam roller has a wide range of benefits for everyone from the gym go-er, massage therapy to the someone going through rehab. The roller is used to locate trigger points and then apply direct rolling pressure to those trigger points to help them release.
Take it to the office as a quick lunch time stress reliever!

Main benefits of foam rolling pre-workout include:
  • Increasing the blood flow through the body,
  • Increased range of motion, and a
  • Better body movement

All of these benefits decrease the chance of of injury - so you can decrease recovery time allowing you more time to do what you love.

*Also available in a 18" option.

Length: 36"
  • Made from strong, durable and light-weight material
  • Long lasting and maintenance-free
  • Increasing the blood flow through the bod
  • Increased range of motion
  • Better body movement

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