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Obie's versatile Foam Rollers are commonly used for balance training, self-myofascial release, self  massage and stretching.Obie Foam Rollers are also used for golf swing practice, yoga and Pilates.

Foam Rollers have been used by Physiotherapists for many years. They are recognized among sports professionals and ordinary people alike for their numerous health benefits.

Obie Foam Rollers can be used as a self massage tool after exercise to improve circulation and reduce the build up of lactic acid, meaning fewer aching muscles.

They are used to realign posture and avoid the ailments associated with bad posture, for example headaches, muscle tension and strain etc. This is particularly important for people who spend a lot of time sitting at desks or in front of computers. Working on the roller will engage the core muscles and build balance and strength in the body.

6 Benefits you can experience from using the Obie Foam Roller regularly:

  1. Reduced tension around the neck, back and shoulders meaning less headaches.
  2. Big improvements in posture from placing the spine in the neutral position.
  3. Reduced respiratory problems from opening up the chest.
  4. Better circulation all round the body.
  5. When used as a self massage tool after exercise you can reduce lactic acid in the muscles and reduce soreness the next day.
  6. For athletes regular use of the obie foam roller will reduce injuries and increase flexibility.

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420mm long x 145mm diameter

  • For thoracic roll if you have wide shoulders

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